Hamilton Vehicle Theft

If you are from Hamilton Ontario you have probably landed on this page because your vehicle was stolen or you are concerned about it being stolen. At California Immobilizer we understand your concerns and frustrations with being the target of Hamilton vehicle theft. Aside from Brantford Ontario (which takes the dubious position of being the #1 vehicle theft capital of Canada) Hamilton is #2 in the nation according to Stats Canada.

A staggering 1,700+ vehicles per year are stolen in the city of Hamilton. Part of that is because the city features numerous easy-to-escape highway access points throughout the city and almost all of the vehicles end up on the Six Nations Reserve outside the city. Cars targeted for Hamilton vehicle theft are often used in other crimes and damaged so severely that even if they are returned to the owner they arrive with a host of mechanical problems.

Hamilton vehicle theft is not just isolated to cars, although the most common vehicle stolen are Honda Civics according to police in the city. (reference) Trailer theft, truck theft and motorcycle theft are also huge issues.

You don’t have to be a victim of Hamilton vehicle theft! A recent survey of vehicle theft in Ontario by Angus Reid found “a degree of carelessness” by drivers is a common precursor to theft, including leaving cars running and doors unlocked with spare keys left easily accessible in the vehicle interior.

At California Immobilizer our customer experience has proven that you don’t need to make your vehicle 100% theft proof. That isn’t even possible. All you need to do is to make your vehicle HARDER TO STEAL THAN THE NEXT VEHICLE ON THE BLOCK. That is why the most reliable way to keep from being a victim of Hamilton vehicle theft is to apply a physical locking device, one of our car wheel locks. They are quick and easy to install, provide a powerful visual deterrent and they make it physically impossible to drive the vehicle.

Without a cutting torch or grinder (which thieves in Hamilton are NOT in the habit of carrying around) our car wheel locks and car wheel boots are virtually impossible to remove from your vehicle. Our products are the most effective, economical and durable on the market in preventing Hamilton vehicle theft.

Many of our wheel locks can be used in multiple applications meaning that they can also be used as trailer wheel locks, snowmobile locks or in many other applications. And when the day comes for you to sell your car you’ll be keeping your California Immobilizer wheel lock for your next car. Try doing that with a car alarm!

Our patented car anti theft devices are guaranteed, and will help you sleep at night in the knowledge that your car isn’t going to be the next victim of Hamilton vehicle theft.