How Honda Civics Are Stolen and How To Prevent It

The Honda Civic is among the most popular stolen vehicles in North America – perhaps THE most stolen car on the road today.  Why is it that every single time vehicle theft statistics hit the news the lowly Civic tops the ranks?

Well, there’s the why and then there’s the how.

car thief stealing honda civicWhy Honda Civics Are Stolen

Honda Civics are incredibly popular with road racers and ‘tuners’ for the easy availability of parts, a solid and reliable engine and drive train, and the ability to easily upgrade steering and handling components. Their popularity makes for easy sale of stolen Honda Civics and their parts – there is an eager local market always looking for a discount.

Because there are so many Honda Civics on the road, a stolen vehicle is less likely to be identified even immediately after the theft occurs. Try hiding in plain sight in a white Escalade, then try it in a lowly Civic. Much easier for a thief to get away with the latter. The bottom line for the apparent statistical anomaly of stolen Civics is a combination of 1) lots of this make of vehicle on the road, 2) a larger market for stolen Civic parts than for most other vehicles and 3) opportunity.

The last point, ‘opportunity’ is where every Honda Civic owner can easily reduce their vulnerability to theft.

How Honda Civics Are Stolen

Throughout the automotive theft world there is a rather commonly known ‘secret’ when it comes to older Honda Civics (mid to late 90’s) and that is this: There’s a really good chance that the key from one Civic will work in another Civic. In fact, Honda Civic forums are replete with anecdotal evidence of keys working in multiple cars. (see here)

For the most part, stealing an older model Honda Civic is as easy as the thief getting a hold of similar keys. For this reason alone investing in one of our car wheel locks from California Immobilizer should be step one in preventing your Civic from being stolen!

Lacking access to a similar Civic key doesn’t mean thieves can’t steal a Honda Civic. Here’s another way how Honda Civics are stolen: Many of the mid to late 90’s models can be started simply by jamming a screw driver into the ignition and giving it a hard crank with a pair of vice grips. That’s all it takes to turn over the engine and drive the car away. A California Immobilizer wheel lock prevents all such attempts!

California Immobilizer wheel locks drastically reduce the chance of your Honda Civic being stolen by:

  • Providing a highly visible deterrent – thieves take one look and move on to another, more easily stolen Civic
  • Making it impossible for the car to be moved forwards or backwards even if the ignition system is compromised
  • Requiring a thief to carry tools with the ability to defeat high tensile steel (plasma torch or portable grinder) – VERY noisy and dangerous
  • Defeating even a thief who has your actual car key!

More and more, sophisticated car thieves simply read the VIN number off of the dashboard and then do a little homework. Using the VIN number they can acquire a replacement key in a matter of days, making for a very easy car theft … but not if they arrive to find a California Immobilizer clamped on the wheel of your car!

The fact is that electronic, computerized and after-the-fact GPS systems are one layer removed from hard, physical anti theft security like that provided by our California Immobilizer products.


Our car wheel locks are light weight, take only seconds to install or remove, fit easily under your car seat and can be used on any car, anywhere, anytime.

Keep your Honda Civic safe! Warn opportunistic thieves from far off that your Civic is locked down with one of our California Immobilizer car anti theft devices and sleep well knowing your car is secure.

Order one of our California Immobilizer car wheel locks or car wheel boots today!