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Friday, 17 March 2017 11:13

Maryland police locate stolen heavy equipment

Elkton, Maryland police say that thieves recently stole several large pieces of construction equipment worth almost $400,000. In all, 20 separate mega pieces were taken from worksites.

Operating on tips and sightings in the area, police investigated to see if bulldozers, front end loaders and trailers stolen from storage and construction sites in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware were being stored on a site in Maryland. Police used a drone - UAV or unmanned aerial vehicle - to survey the area and discovered several large pieces of construction equipment to the rear of a large structure on the rural property.

A search warrant was executed and arrests were made.

No word on whether the equipment owners and operators had secured their equipment with anti theft wheel boots locks and security devices.

Chances are, a small investment in California Immobilizer anti theft wheel boots locks and security products could have prevented this theft. Made in North America, California Immobilizer is the gold standard in vehicle security, providing unparalleled security and reliable theft protection for vehicles of all types.

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