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Scooter Wheel Locks
Scooter Wheel LocksScooter Wheel LocksScooter Wheel Locks
$74.95 each

Our rugged and highly portable scooter wheel locks offer heavy duty steel security against scooter theft. The California Immobilizer Mini Grip scooter wheel lock is a small, lightweight, portable anti-theft wheel lock designed for scooters. Made from high-strength tube steel, it weighs only 2.5 lbs making it easy to pack under your scooter seat or in a backpack.

One of the most common ways a scooter is stolen involves the thief simply pushing on the handlebar lock until the front triple clamp lock breaks. Most of the time those pins are made of soft steel. The thief then just rolls away on the scooter. Our Mini Grip scooter wheel lock stops such thefts in their tracks!

It only takes two seconds to install California Immobilizer scooter wheel locks due to their user friendly security design and secure seven pin push lock. With its yellow powder coated surface it acts as a powerful visual deterrent against thefts of opportunity. Thieves take one look at your scooter and move on to an easier and more convenient target .

California Immobilizer motorcycle wheel locks are designed to fit around the wheel of any Scooter.

    Use it to protect your scoot!
    Easily fits into seat storage or backpack
    Lightweight yet extremely strong
    Adds security while parked on the street or in a parking lot
    Easily attached to our ground anchor system for longer term storage and increased scooter anti theft security
    Easily used in conjunction with a cable lock or chain for increased security

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