Golf Cart Locks

California Immobilizer golf cart locks are a simple, quick and reliable way to prevent the theft or unauthorized use of golf carts.

golf cart locksUnlike chain locks which can be cut with a bolt cutter, or ignition locks which can be easily bypassed or subverted in many golf carts our golf cart locks completely immobilize the golf cart and prevent it from being driven. Made of high strength steel and powdercoated bright yellow for durability and visibility, California Immobilizer golf cart locks are designed for a lifetime of reliable security.

Easily stored in the compartment of a golf cart, these golf cart locks install in under five seconds and can be put on all size golf cart wheels.

For golf courses or amusement parks we are able to ship multiple locks keyed to the same keys.

golf cart locks locking a row of cartsOur clients have found that two California Immobilizer golf cart locks are capable of securing an entire row of golf carts by installing one on the front of the row and one on the back!

For Ultimate Security – Use With Our Golf Cart Locks Tie Down Anchor

Our tie down anchors work perfectly with our Grip golf cart locks to attach the lock to any solid surface. Can be mounted to concrete or to a wood or metal ground plate to ensure your golf cart is completely immobilized.motorcycle wheel locks anchor

Golf Cart Locks

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