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Truck Wheel Locks
$199.95 each

Truck Wheel Locks For Every Size Truck – Lock It Down!

At California Immobilizer we offer a large range of solid, effective anti theft devices for your truck. Whether you are looking for a lock for a small pickup truck or an 18 wheel tractor trailer we have truck wheel locks for every size of truck.

The California Immobilizer truck wheel locks Protector model is a personal anti-theft wheel lock that fits all sizes of truck wheel.

Light, extremely strong and secured by a seven pin tubular key lock, our Protector truck wheel locks are almost impossible to defeat without heavy power tools should a thief attempt to steal or move your vehicle. It is easily installed and removed from your truck tire in seconds. It is built tough from ERW steel tubing. The included optional spikes will puncture and deflate the tire if the vehicle is moved.

The unique caliper design of The Protector truck wheel locks allow them to fit over virtually any sized truck tire.

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