Our California Immobilizer aircraft wheel boots are a high-visibility aircraft security solution that prevents your aircraft from being moved in any way.

Imminent FAA Regulations mandating that small aircraft not in secure hangars must be locked down on the tarmac for security reasons are in the works. (We’ve been advised that some airports already require this)

Nobody wants an unauthorized user to steal and pilot an airplane for any purpose – especially not your aircraft! The liability and insurance issues involved with NOT locking down an aircraft during storage are only increasing. Our aircraft wheel boots are an inexpensive, highly effective solution.

While there are numerous aircraft tie down locks and other solutions currently on the market, nothing matches the effectiveness of our California Immobilizer aircraft wheel boots. Virtually impossible to remove without puncturing the airplane tire, it prevents access to the air valve while preventing the wheel from rotating.

Visible from far off, bright yellow communicates clearly to both thieves and compliance inspectors: Move along – This aircraft is LOCKED DOWN!

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