The Immobilizer CI00500

$254.05 each

TypeWheel Size
Immobilizer A CI00500 13"
Immobilizer B CI00503  14"/15"
Immobilizer C CI00504  16"
Immobilizer D CI00502 17"




The Original California Immobilizer Car Wheel Boots

The California Immobilizer is our original car boot product, featuring all steel construction designed to secure any wheel against any unauthorized use. The Immobilizer covers the lug nuts, preventing thieves from removing the wheel. It locks around the tire with a heavy-duty 7-tumbler Push Lock, and is almost impossible to remove even if the tire is deflated.

The Original California Immobilizer car wheel boots are idea for use as trailer wheel locks.

Recommended Uses – The California Immobilizer is used mainly to protect towed vehicles, trailers, generators, cargo/horse trailers, light sets and compressors. We can even customize The Immobilizer to fit your needs, providing custom car boots for unique applications.

The Immobilizer wheel boots are available in three sizes, to fit a wide range of cars, vans, trucks, trailers, boats, motorhomes and wheeled rental equipment.

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