Snowmobile Anchor and Tie Down 43921097

Snowmobile Anchor and Tie Down
Snowmobile Anchor and Tie DownSnowmobile Anchor and Tie Down
$24.95 each

For rock-solid snowmobile security, such as when parking in long term storage or at a regular spot, our snowmobile wheel locks fit perfectly with our Grip tie down lock anchor which can be secured to pavement or concrete.

California Immobilizer snowmobile wheel locks can be used with our optional Tie Down / Anchor accessory which can be bolted into a concrete floor to secure your snowmobile at home in your driveway or garage. Statistics show that 92% of snowmobile are stolen from private property. The combination of our Mini Grip snowmobile wheel lock and Tie Down accessory will provide you with added security and protection while storing your snowmobile at home or place of business.

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