Buy your locks from California Immobilizer and make sure they are on all your doors

To whom it may concern :

My name is Chad Schroeder ... I am the purchasing manager for Martin Electric, Inc out of Dade City, Fl. A few months ago we purchased a new pull behind full size enclosed work trailer. In turn, we needed some locks and hasp to insure the security of the contents inside. We purchased the (3) pack keyed alike locks  and the yellow door hasp from your company (California Immobilizer Corp) and installed them. Unfortunately, this past weekend we were broken into and robbed of several thousand ($6000+) worth of electrical wire, tools etc...  The thieves apparently tried to get in to the back door on the side that had your lock and hasp on it... Breaking the handle, trying to cut lock,  damaging the door etc... but were unsuccessful in getting in... So they went to the other side where one of our guys had put a Master Lock on (because they had broken a key off in your lock a few weeks prior) and cut the lock. They were able to gain entry from that side but were only able to open the door approx. 11" or so...Because of your lock held on the other side. In turn, they cut themselves and left a blood trial. The police have DNA samples and fingerprints so hopefully they'll catch the bad guys. Moral of the story... If you want to keep the Bad Guys out ..Buy your locks from California Immobilizer and make sure they are on all your doors !!!! Unfortunate for us...but thankful for your great product you provided us.... They did their job !!!!


Chad Schroeder
Purchasing Manager
Martin Electric, Inc.

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