The GRIP Snowmobile Locks


The GRIP – Snowmobile Locks

California Immobilizer GRIP System snowmobile locks offer outstanding, versatile security against snowmobile theft.

California Immobilizer Grip System snowmobile locks are a small, lightweight, portable anti-theft wheel lock for snowmobiles, trailers, motorcycles, ATV’s and other vehicles. Made from high-strength tube steel, it weighs only 2.5 lbs making it easy to pack and carry under a seat.

It only takes two seconds to install California Immobilizer’s GRIP snowmobile locks due to their user friendly security design and seven pin push lock. With its yellow powder coated surface it acts as a powerful visual deterrent against thefts of opportunity. Thieves take one look at your sled and move on to an easier and more convenient theft target .

Greetings from the deep freeze.  I guess you are accustomed to these ridiculous artic temperature that are gripping the USA? Last weekend I traveled to my snowmobiles.  I installed the snowmobile grip lock, the trailer wheel lock, and the universal coupler.  I thought you would like to know all installed without difficulty.  ~ Best regards, Rick Wilson

California Immobilizer GRIP snowmobile locks are designed to fit around the wheel of any trailer, scooter, or motorcycle wheel which makes it very versatile – use it on your other vehicles when not being used as snowmobile locks.

  • Use it to protect your snowmobile from theft or unauthorized use.
  • Easily fits under the seat or in storage compartment
  • Lightweight yet extremely strong
  • Easily attached to our ground anchor system for longer term storage and increased trailer anti theft security
  • Easily used in conjunction with a cable lock or chain for increased security
  • Versatile – use to lock up your motorcycle, scooter, atv or other vehicle when not on your trailer.

Purchase the Grip + Snowmobile Attachment  – everything you need to secure your snowmobile with the finest snowmobile locks on the planet!





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