Car Wheel Locks


California Immobilizer car wheel locks offer a convenient and practical car anti theft security solution similar to our Immobilizer car wheel boots. However they are much lighter and easier to transport, store and activate. California Immobilizer car wheel locks fit all vehicle tire dimensions.

Our California Immobilizer Protector car wheel locks are a light weight, convenient personal anti-theft wheel lock that fits all sizes of car wheel. They tuck easily in your car trunk or under a seat for convenient access and offer super-quick installation in seconds.

The Protector Car Wheel Locks

car wheel locksStandard car wheel boots are much larger and less convenient to install than the Protector, which offers a highly comparable level of security. Car thieves don’t want to spend a whole lot of extra time attempting to saw through high strength steel in order to steal a vehicle. They want to get into the car quickly and unobtrusively, start it up and quietly drive away.

Our Protector car wheel locks stop car thieves cold by offering a powerful disincentive to theft. Every second a thief has to spend trying to steal your vehicle increases his risk of detection. Why steal your car when there’s one down the block without your Protector car wheel lock that would be much quicker and less risky to steal?

Our Protector car wheel locks are also ideal for campus parking enforcement. Some security companies use two Protectors (front and rear wheels) as these car wheel locks are so easy to store and handle. The Protector can easily be keyed as a group by California Immobilizer and shipped so that all car wheel locks are keyed with identical keys. The Protector is secured with a push lock and is easily installed and removed in seconds.

These car wheel locks are built tough from strong, light ERW steel tubing. The included optional tire puncture spikes will penetrate and deflate the tire if the vehicle is moved.

car wheel locks small largeThe unique caliper design of The Protector makes these car wheel locks incredibly versatile and allows them to fit over a wheel as small as a bicycle tire or as large as a typical wheel on a 5-ton truck.

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