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California Immobilizer – Anti Theft Wheel Boots Locks and Security

California Immobilizer Anti Theft Wheel Boots Locks and Security products are made in North America and are the gold standard in vehicle security, providing unparalleled security and reliable theft protection for vehicles of all types.

The plain truth is that only a steel wheel immobilizer can physically hinder a thief that doesn’t carry around a portable grinder or a cutting torch. Grinders make an incredible amount of unwanted noise, and torches are heavy and dangerous and aren’t common car thief tools! California Immobilizer vehicle anti theft wheel boots and locks STOP THIEVES COLD.

Watch this video and see how it takes only minutes for thieves to steal an expensive car equipped with the best security money can buy and ask yourself what would have stopped them.

The fact is that had this BMW owner had one of our California Immobilizer anti theft wheel boots or locks on his car this video would never have been made!


Our wheel immobilizers are light weight, made of high tensile steel and are equipped with state of the art locks all in an affordable, easy to use package. Browse our site or search using the website search tool located at the bottom of every page and in the right hand column of every interior page.

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California Immobilizer Prevents Theft

car wheel locks

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