• The Protector Car Wheel Locks

    The Protector Car Wheel Locks

  • ATV Wheel Locks

    ATV Wheel Locks

  • Truck and Trailer lock

    Truck and Trailer lock

  • The Mini Grip

    The Mini Grip


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California Immobilizer Prevents Theft

car wheel locks

How To Prevent
Car Theft

Fortunately the average car thief is no professional – he’s an opportunistic, lazy criminal looking for an easy stolen ride.
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mini grip motorcycle

Motorcycle Theft Prevention

The harsh fact about motorcycle theft prevention is that your bike is far easier for thieves to steal than a car or truck.
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tractor trailer wheel boots locks 300x226

Prevent Tractor Trailer Theft

That tractor trailer rolling along next to you on the highway might be stolen - tractor trailer theft is a fast-growing type of vehicle theft.
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