Trailer Wheel Locks

Trailer Wheel Locks

The Defender Trailer Wheel Locks

California Immobilizer trailer wheel locks are an inexpensive means of deterring and preventing trailer theft. Our patented trailer wheel locks are quick and easy to install on the wheel of your trailer preventing thieves from quickly hooking up to the hitch and towing the trailer away. The optional included tire spike can be installed to immediately puncture and deflate the tire if the trailer is moved.

They cover two of the lug nuts making it impossible to remove the wheel without first removing the lock.

These trailer wheel locks are light weight and made of premium steel. The Grip trailer wheel locks can be used as standalone locks or as part of our expandable system of security devices that work together to provided numerous layers of trailer security.

The Defender trailer wheel locks will fit a virtually unlimited size of wheel and can be also used on motorcycles, campers, cars, highway signs, construction equipment, golf carts or boats: in fact any size wheel up to light truck size. The Defender trailer wheel locks installs in less than 5 seconds. It is powder coated bright yellow with reflective decals for easy visibility at night. Our bright, high-strength trailer wheel locks are designed to visually deter thefts of opportunity.

Remember, thieves are lazy and would rather steal your tools and equipment than work hard for them. Trailer thefts are almost always thefts of opportunity and thieves will select a trailer that they can quickly and easily steal with a minimum of hassle. Thieves prowl job sites and neighborhoods looking to quickly hook up a trailer hitch to their vehicle and tow it away to another location to break into it at their leisure. One look at our California Immobilizer trailer wheel locks and they move on to easier pickings!

All California Immobilizer trailer wheel locks are manufactured from high quality steel and are extremely durable. The Defender is also attractively priced and offers economical and convenient trailer security. The Defender fits all 13″ trailer wheels.

THE Grip System Trailer Wheel Locks

Our GRIP trailer wheel locks offer excellent and versatile security against theft. The California Immobilizer Grip trailer wheel locks are a small, lightweight, portable anti-theft wheel lock for trailers, motorcycles, atvs and other vehicles.. Made from high-strength tube steel, it weighs only 2.5 lbs making it easy to pack and carry under a seat.

It only takes two seconds to install California Immobilizer’s GRIP trailer wheel locks due to their user friendly security design and seven pin push lock. With its yellow powder coated surface it acts as a powerful visual deterrent against thefts of opportunity. Thieves take one look at your trailer and move on to an easier and more convenient theft target .

  • California Immobilizer GRIP trailer wheel locks are designed to fit around the wheel of any trailer.
  • Use it to protect your trailer
  • Easily fits under a car seat
  • Lightweight yet extremely strong
  • Adds security while parked on the street or in a parking lot
  • Easily attached to our ground anchor system for longer term storage and increased trailer anti theft security
  • Easily used in conjunction with a cable lock or chain for increased security

The Protector Wheel Locks

Trailer thieves don’t want to spend a whole lot of extra time attempting to saw through high strength steel in order to steal your trailer. They want to hitch it up quickly and unobtrusively and quietly drive away.

Our Protector car wheel locks can be used as trailer wheel locks to stop thieves cold by offering a powerful disincentive to theft. Every second a thief has to spend trying to steal your trailer increases his risk of detection. Why steal your trailer when there’s one down the block without your Protector trailer wheel lock that would be much quicker and less risky to steal?

The Protector trailer wheel locks can attached through and around the leaf springs of a trailer which prevents removal of the wheel, even if the lug nuts are removed.

Our Protector trailer wheel locks are built tough from strong, light ERW steel tubing. The included optional tire puncture spikes will penetrate and deflate the tire if the trailer is moved.

The unique caliper design of The Protector makes these trailer wheel locks incredibly versatile and allows them to fit over a wheel as small as a bicycle tire or as large as a typical wheel on a 5-ton truck.



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