Wheel Booting

Introducing the California Immobilizer Wheel Booting Campus Parking Enforcement Program

Whether it’s a High School, College or University campus, parking enforcement can be a real challenge. But it doesn’t have to be with the California Immobilizer Wheel Booting Campus Parking Enforcement Program.

Here’s how a typical school campus handles illegal or inappropriate vehicle parking:

  • A student parks in an unauthorized location.
  • A towing company is called to remove the vehicle.
  • The student is upset and angry, has to find a ride to the storage compound and then is forced to pay $50, $80 or $100 to get their car back.
  • Value to the student = zero, hopefully a lesson learned. Large financial hit.
  • Value to your campus = zero plus potential ill will!


From a Texas High School that has switched to using California Immobilizer Campus Parking Enforcement Resources:

“The clamping immobilizers have been a huge success for our high school here in Texas. We have cut down immensely on the parking lot issues with our students and have paid for the clamping immobilizers many times over already. It’s only been a few weeks since we started the wheel clamping programme. We are hoping that the offending students are spreading the word so that next year’s issue will be smaller. Please send another two clamping protectors as soon as possible. Please key the Clamping protectors with the same key code as the last Clamping Protectors”.

Here’s how the California Immobilizer Campus Parking Enforcement Program handles illegal or inappropriate vehicle parking:

  • A student parks in an unauthorized location.
  • A staff member quickly and easily applies one of our wheel clamps and affixes a static cling window decal to the driver’s side window and windshield.
  • The student pays your campus a fine.
  • A staff or maintenance member removes the clamp and decals.
  • Value to the student = lesson learned plus a contribution to their own school. Reasonable financial penalty.
  • Value to your campus = $25, $30 or whatever amount you decide.

Our campus parking enforcement wheel booting program brings revenue directly to your school campus, which is then used to fund school programs rather than to some towing company. Through our parking enforcement program, offenders pay the school directly, at whatever rate school administrators decide. Because the offending student understand their fine is going directly to benefit their school, a great deal of bad feelings are avoided and illegal parking is powerfully dissuaded.


Four violations per week @ $25.00 = $100.00 per week = 8.32 weeks until you cover the entire program cost.

After product is paid for, place the extra funds into your campus fund raising account.

Our school campus parking enforcement program allows you to save the towing cost and the inconvenience of the towing storage lots.
You get to keep all the funds raised so that they can be used for those extra activities. Yes you can profit from your parking problems!!!
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