Truck Wheel Locks

Truck Wheel Locks For Every Size Truck – Lock It Down!

At California Immobilizer we offer a large range of solid, effective anti theft devices for your truck. Whether you are looking for a lock for a small pickup truck or an 18 wheel tractor trailer we have truck wheel locks for every size of truck.

The California Immobilizer truck wheel locks Protector model is a personal anti-theft wheel lock that fits all sizes of truck wheel.

Light, extremely strong and secured by a seven pin tubular key lock, our Protector truck wheel locks are almost impossible to defeat without heavy power tools should a thief attempt to steal or move your vehicle. It is easily installed and removed from your truck tire in seconds. It is built tough from ERW steel tubing. The included optional spikes will puncture and deflate the tire if the vehicle is moved.

The unique caliper design of The Protector truck wheel locks allow them to fit over virtually any sized truck tire.

The Enforcer Truck Wheel Locks

The Enforcer model is a commercial truck wheel lock for the parking enforcement industry. Units can be keyed alike. It is built tough but is easy to install and remove after collecting the unlocking fee. The system eliminates the need to involve towing or storage fees in a parking enforcement program.

Installing Enforcer truck wheel locks is very simple. The locking arm swings up from a horizontal to a vertical position around the tire. The push lock then keeps the arm in position. The unit is fully adjustable to the tire width.

Tractor Trailers, Dual Wheel Pickup Wheel Locks

The California Immobilizer Truck and Trailer (TNT) tractor trailer wheel locks are designed to fit vehicles with 22.5″ to 24.5″ dual wheels.

Our tractor trailer wheel locks unique design allows the lock to be installed or removed in only a few seconds. The tractor trailer wheel lock is powder coated bright yellow with reflective decals so the lock can be easily seen in the dark offering a powerful disincentive to opportunistic thieves. The presence of one of these locks on the wheels of a tractor trailer make it virtually impossible for anyone to move the tractor trailer.

The California Immobilizer Truck and Trailer (TNT) tractor trailer wheel locks are designed to be simple to install, easy for authorized users to remove and they take up only a small space in the cab of your truck. They work extremely well on standard pickups with dual wheels as well.

Manufactured from thick wall high quality steel, these TNT tractor trailer wheel locks are extremely robust and durable. The TNT lock’s exclusive construction allows the lock to be fitted on either side of the vehicle by reversing the wheel clamps.

  • Designed to fit trucks and trailers with dual 22.5″ to 24.5″ wheels
  • Simple to adjust, install and remove
  • Manufactured from thick wall, high quality steel
  • 7 pin integrated lock
  • Easy carry center handle
  • Side handles for simple to lock action



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