Most known for the California Immobilizer trailer & wheel locks and anti theft wheel boots, these commercial grade vehicle locks have a use for anyone who want to protect their vehicles. The California immobilizer wheel boots are designed to be light weight but are also built extremely tough with high-strength steel and come in bright yellow for visibility.

California Immobilizer products are designed to fit many vehicles and applications so you can keep your California Immobilizer locks even after you sell your vehicle or trailer.

California Immobilizer anti theft wheel boots are very easy to install on all vehicles and trailers, including cars, trucks, trailers, generators or welding trailers, recreational trailers and are extremely simple to remove by key holders but almost impossible to remove by criminals and thieves!

Company Founder Gerald Mason

Whilst travelling in California in the 1900s I became aware of the need for trailer security.

I founded a company called California Immobilizer Corp

We registered the name, patents and trade mark in the United States.

Building the products in the Palmdale area in California we outsold production. I would have to travel to Palmdale in order to fulfill customer’s orders as I lived in Canada this was aconcern . It was then that I decided to open a design and manufacturing facility in my home town Nanaimo British Columbia.

Since we opened the plant we have been able to design and build over 50 products. Are success has been attributed to listening to the needs of customers and providing solutions to customers concerns and transforming ideas into saleable products which have been sold all over the world.

Gerald S. Mason
California Immobilizer Corp
Unit E .
1730 Brotherston Road,
British Columbia,
V9S 3M8