• Airstream Trailer Coupler Lock

    The 2020 Airstream couplers have changed for the 2020 model year.

    Please review attached photos: the older coupler prior to 2020 has a raised lip, the new Airstream 2020 has a flat lip.

    If you are the owner of an Airstream trailer then you probably realize by now how challenging it is to find Airstream trailer coupler locks for sale anywhere!

    Airstream trailers use something called an Adkins Coupler which is different from other trailer couplers, meaning that a different lock is required for Airstream trailer coupler locks than for other styles of trailer coupler.

    Our California Immobilizer Airstream Trailer coupler locks are the only ones on the market to the best of our knowledge AND they are constructed using the same heavy duty steel manufacturing of all our other trailer, wheel and vehicle security locks.

    We are confident that you won’t find a better way to physically prevent your Airstream trailer from being hooked up to a thief’s vehicle and towed away!

    Our Airstream trailer coupler locks are made exclusively for the Airstream trailer, to fit the Adkins Coupler. The lock adjusts to form a snug fit into the dome of the coupler and can be installed and removed in a matter of seconds.

    Powder coated caution yellow to broadcast the fact that your Airstream trailer is well protected!

    Order your California Immobilizer coupler lock today!


  • Generator Trailer Locks


    The Original California Immobilizer Trailer Wheel Boots – Generator Trailer Locks

    Immobilizer generator trailer lock installationCalifornia Immobilizer generator trailer wheel boots are commercial grade generator trailer locks of a boot design. The ultimate in portable trailer security or as a long term trailer storage security solution.

    Our California immobilizer generator trailer locks are a light weight, extremely tough commercial wheel boot solution. Our generator trailer wheel boots can be keyed alike for a fleet of trailers by us prior to shipment. They are built tough, out of high strength steel and bright yellow powder coated for visibility and durability. California Immobilizer generator trailer locks are easy to install on all trailers – horse trailers, generator or welding trailers, recreational trailers – and are extremely simple to remove by key holders – almost impossible to remove by anyone else!
    Installing The Immobilizer Generator Trailer Locks

    immobilizer on generator trailerThe process for installing one of our these generator trailer locks is very simple. Because it is a trailer boot design, just follow the curve on the fender then rest the lug plate on the ground. Connect the locking bar and push the lock into place. Removal takes only seconds.

    Unlike other models on the market, our trailer wheel boots completely cover the lug nuts eliminating the possibility of tire removal. The frame acts as a chock that prevents the vehicle from moving even slightly forwards or backwards making even towing extremely difficult if not impossible. Our California Immobilizer trailer wheel boots are easy to carry for ease of transport and feature multiple steel attachment points to the wheel which would require numerous cuts through heavy gauge steel if an attempt were made to physically cut the wheel boot off.

    The California Immobilizer is our original and best selling model of our trailer locks and boots, featuring all steel construction designed to secure any wheel against any unauthorized use.

    We offer handy storage solutions (see below) for storing your trailer wheel boot on the side of your trailer when not in use.

    Recommended Uses – The California Immobilizer can be used to secure cars, trailers, generators, cargo/horse trailers, light sets and compressors. We can even customize The Immobilizer to fit your needs, providing custom car boots for unique applications.

    The Immobilizer trailer wheel locks in the boot design fit a wide range of generator trailers, boat trailers and trailer mounted rental equipment.

  • King Pin Lock

    King Pin Lock

    Fits on king pins for trailers
    Suitable for 5th wheel trailers
    Powder coated in caution yellow can be observed from a distance
    Easy and fast installation and removal
    Solid steel wraparound construction


  • LocBox Double Combo Lock

    Require multiple employees or users to have access to your equipment and don’t want the hassle of key distribution?

    Our California LocBox Double Combo Lock is the answer!

    The high strength padlock contains the key to the wheel lock inside of it. The combination lock code opens the lock. A second code releases the key, which can then be used to unlock the trailer wheel lock

    Code #1 Opens Hasp/ Lock

    Code #2 Opens Side Key Compartment

    Code can be easily reset.

    Codes only open one lock at a time.

    Great for use with portable generator locks or stand alone use. First code mates with Second code with chart included with Instructions.

  • Multi-Functional Portable Generator Trailer Locks

    The Grip – Multi-Functional Portable Generator Trailer Locks With Many Applications!

    The Grip System is an expandable system of security devices that work together. The main component, The Grip, is the locking system which can be used with all or each of the following components. The Grip is the most versatile of generator trailer locks and expands as your needs expand.

    The Grip will ALSO fit motorcycles, trailers, campers, cars, highway signs, construction equipment, boats: in fact any size wheel up to light truck size. This includes golf carts. This enables you to use the same lock on generator trailer locks as well as for other applications. Grip generator trailer locks are very easy to install: less than 5 seconds. The Grip is powder coated bright yellow with reflective decals for easy visibility at night. The Grip generator trailer locks are manufactured from high quality steel and is very durable. The Grip is also attractively priced.

  • Pintle Lock

    A 5” x 5” plate covers Pintle Ring.

    Lock is powder coated in black and invluced a convenient push lock.

    Trailer Pintle Drawbar Locks

    Our Pintle trailer lock secures trailers with Pintle rings and prevents the trailer from being hooked up and stolen.

    Protect your trailer with one of our California Immobilizer Pintle Locks! Solid steel design makes it impossible to access the hitch without the key. Excellent security at a rock bottom price.


  • See Clamp Spring Tongue Connector Lock

    See Clamp Spring Tongue Connector Lock

    Our See Clamp wheel clamp can be used to lock spring tongue connector trailer hitches and prevent them from being stolen.

    The See Clamp can also be used to secure trailer wheels or other vehicle wheels, making it a versatile alternative that can be used as a universal trailer coupler lock.

  • Spare Wheel Storage Hanger

    The Immobilizer Trailer Wheel Boots Spare Wheel Storage Hanger

    The Spare Wheel Hanger allow you to use your Immobilizer trailer wheel boots as storage for a spare tire when not in use on your trailer.

  • The Defender

    Built for light sets, cement mixers and small generators with 12" and 13" wheels.

    The California Immobilizer Defender model is designed for industrial use. It will secure the wheel of most 5 1/2" steel wheels with either 4x4" or 5x4 1/2" bolt pattern, with standard 2 1/2" back spacing. It fits tire sizes up to 175/80/13. Use the Defender to protect your valuable trailer work equipment on the job site or in the work yard.

    Visual deterrent. It is designed to fit around the wheel of any Scooter, Motorcycle or Dirt Bike.

    Uses and Benefits

    7 pin integrated lock for security

    Covers lug nuts so that the wheel cannot be moved

    Prevents wheel rotation

    Heat treated all steel construction with durable and

    highly visible powder coated finish

    Quick Installation

    Easy storage

    Recommended Uses

    Light Sets

    Cement Mixers

    Mortar Mixers


    Traffic Signs


  • The Immobilizer Trailer Wheel Boot Hanger

    This hanger allows you to store your Immobilizer trailer wheel boots on the wall of your trailer or garage when not in use.

  • Universal Coupler Lock

    Fits all couplers 1 7/8th 2 inch & 2 5/16th.
    Including ¾ inch raised lip.
    Except Bulldog

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