John Deere Gator Locks


John Deere Gator Locks

Our John Deere Gator Locks are the absolute best way to ensure your Gator does not get stolen or used without your permission.

Unlike regular cable locks or chains that can be cut with bolt cutters our John Deere Gator Locks ensure your ATV cannot be moved whatsoever! The front and rear bars act as chocks preventing all but the slightest of movement.

Installed in less than five seconds, our California Immobilizer John Deere Gator Locks are a push lock design and come with 7 pin keys for security and are made of high tensile steel. It’s design means that even someone with a metal grinder would have to cut through multiple high strength steel bars just to remove it.

California Immobilizer John Deere Gator Locks are powder coated bright yellow – the ultimate visual deterrent for opportunistic thieves.

  • Adjusts for wheel size both in height and width.
  • Can be tied down on trailers or at home with our optional accessory tie downs.
  • Gator wheel cannot be removed as lug nuts are protected.
  • Powder coated in caution yellow can be observed from a distance.
  • Once set up for a particular John Deere Gator wheel the installation is simple.
  • Removal is simple and easy and quick.
  • A high quality John Deere Gator wheel lock at an attractive price.

 We make John Deere Gator locks to fit all variations of Gator wheel sizes on the market. Please check your owner’s manual or preferably measure the physical height of your Gator tire to determine the correct size of immobilizer lock.

Our John Deere Gator Locks have the ability to adjust to the width of the wheel to be clamped and the size of the wheel to be clamped.

ATVs are among the most stolen vehicles in the USA and Canada. With one of our California Immobilizer Gator Wheel Locks you won’t become a victim of opportunistic thieves.

Pictured above with our optional tie down accessory which enables you to anchor your John Deere Gator lock to the ground. This provides a superior level of security and is useful if you park your Gator in the same place on a regular basis.

Tie down accessory is made of solid steel and is able to be attached to concrete floor or a trailer floor.



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