Most Stolen Motorcycles In California

When people imagine what the most stolen motorcycles in California are, Harley Davidson bikes are what probably come to mind. Everyone pictures biker gangs stripping down hot motorcycles in some hidden chop shop, but the actual statistics show something different.

Honda motorcycles consistently top the list when it comes to the most stolen motorcycles in California. According to Forbes, the latest stats are as follows:

The top five most stolen motorcycles in California, which together amounted for 75.6 percent of all bike thefts during 2011 were:

  1. Honda (11,014)
  2. Yamaha (8,880)
  3. Suzuki (7,281)
  4. Kawasaki (5,009)
  5. Harley-Davidson (3,120)

There doesn’t seem to be any current information on which exact model of motorcycle is the most stolen in California but the stats were compiled for a series of US States. Unsurprisingly, warm weather states where riders use their bikes year round were the locations where most of the thefts took place.

  1. California (5,927)
  2. Texas (3,950)
  3. Florida (3,927)
  4. North Carolina (2,466)
  5. Indiana (2,114)

California certainly takes the lion’s share of motorcycle theft statistics in all of North America. And with motorcycle thieves being most active in the summer months, everyone who owns a motorcycle in California should carefully consider how they can avoid having their bike become a victim of the most stolen motorcycles in California or any other place.

Motorcycle theft prevention is different from car theft in that motorcycles can actually be stolen easily without even needing to be started. But there is one huge common denominator when asking the question of how to prevent car or motorcycle theft: Motorcycle wheel locks, especially when combined with an anchor and tie down is simply the most effective way to prevent your ride from becoming another one of the most stolen motorcycles in California.

Most states mandate minimum liability coverage for bikes while leaving theft insurance as an option. Don’t be under any illusions about your insurance coverage – most standard motorcycle theft insurance does NOT cover replacement of accessories that have been added on after the bike was purchased. That means that the most stolen motorcycles in California are replaced by insurance companies without all the expensive accessories that riders like to install.

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