Prevent Tractor Trailer Theft

That 18-wheel tractor trailer rolling along next to you on the highway might be stolen.

Commercial tractor trailer theft is one of the fastest growing types of vehicle theft in North America, according to the American National Insurance Crime Bureau. But if you own a tractor trailer, or an entire fleet of them, we offer an affordable, potent and durable solution to tractor trailer theft.

tractor trailer wheel boots locks 300x226Tractor trailer theft is such a lucrative prospect that organized gangs are sprouting up across the US and Canada with the sole purpose of stealing unattended tractor trailers, driving them to a warehouse and emptying them of the goods stored inside. Most of the time these are crimes of opportunity – a tractor trailer temporarily unhitched and left unattended for whatever reason is a prime target for opportunistic thieves.

At California Immobilizer we manufacture a rock solid solution to tractor trailer theft. Our California Immobilizer tractor trailer wheel locks which are made entirely of steel. They provide a high visibility, powerfully effective deterrent that stops opportunistic tractor trailer thieves in their tracks. Lacking an 18V grinder or a plasma torch (and 20 minutes of grinding or cutting) there isn’t a chance that a tractor trailer can be easily towed away and stolen if one of our wheel locks is clamped on your tractor trailer!

Our tractor trailer wheel locks are easy to transport, quick to install and virtually impossible to remove without the proper key. We can key our wheel locks alike if you have a fleet that you want to protect from tractor trailer theft. Equip your drivers with a powerful weapon in the fight against trailer theft – the California Immobilizer. According to recent tractor trailer theft reports, tractor trailer thieves are even targeting entire warehouses to make off with numerous tractor trailers at once. California Immobilizer offers affordable protection for one trailer or for your entire fleet.

With six (or even seven) figure insurance deductibles commonplace on tractor trailer loads of goods, our tractor trailer wheel locks are an inexpensive yet powerful form of tractor trailer theft protection. Unlike alarms or GPS units our immobilizers prevent your tractor trailer from being stolen in the first place!