Airstream Trailer Coupler Lock

Airstream Trailer Coupler Lock

If you are the owner of an Airstream trailer then you probably realize by now how challenging it is to find Airstream trailer coupler locks for sale anywhere!

Airstream trailers use something called an Adkins Coupler which is different from other trailer couplers, meaning that a different lock is required for Airstream trailer coupler locks than for other styles of trailer coupler.

Our California Immobilizer Airstream Trailer coupler locks are the only ones on the market to the best of our knowledge AND they are constructed using the same heavy duty steel manufacturing of all our other trailer, wheel and vehicle security locks.

We are confident that you won’t find a better way to physically prevent your Airstream trailer from being hooked up to a thief’s vehicle and towed away!

Our Airstream trailer coupler locks are made exclusively for the Airstream trailer, to fit the Adkins Coupler. The lock adjusts to form a snug fit into the dome of the coupler and can be installed and removed in a matter of seconds.

Powder coated caution yellow to broadcast the fact that your Airstream trailer is well protected!

Order your California Immobilizer coupler lock today!


$153.00 USD