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    Built for light sets, cement mixers and small generators with 12″ and 13″ wheels.

    The California Immobilizer Defender model is designed for industrial use. It will secure the wheel of most 5 1/2″ steel wheels with either 4×4″ or 5×4 1/2″ bolt pattern, with standard 2 1/2″ backspacing. It fits tire sizes up to 175/80/13. Use the Defender to protect your valuable trailer work equipment on the job site or workyard.

    Visual deterrent. It is designed to fit around any Scooter, Motorcycle or Dirt Bike wheel.

    Uses and Benefits

    • 7 pin integrated lock for security
    • Covers lug nuts so that the wheel cannot be moved
    • Prevents wheel rotation
    • Heat-treated all steel construction with durable and
    • highly visible powder coated finish
    • Quick Installation
    • Easy storage

    Recommended Uses

    • Light Sets
    • Cement Mixers
    • Mortar Mixers
    • Generators
    • Traffic Signs


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