Detroit nonprofit dog rescue needs help after $20K trailer of equipment is stolen

A nonprofit dog rescue in Detroit needs help after $20,000 trailer was stolen

On Jan. 17, 2022, Director Judie Jones, director at Make a Difference Rescue on Detroit’s east side, reported that a surveillance video captured thieves driving away with the shelter’s trailer filled with cages and equipment for adoption events.

“Being a rescue is a 24/seven job, you don’t get to take off time,” said Jodie Jones. “You’re always here. Your dogs’ welfare is always number one.”

“We had an anti-theft device on it so you’re not supposed to be able to haul it away,” she said. “But it literally took them eight minutes to cut that off, and they knew just how to do it and take off.”

In eight minutes Jones says $20,000 was gone. Making matters worse on Monday, Jones says thieves tried to break into the shelter.

“It’s such a violation,” she said. “And we have so many dogs in here that we need to keep safe.”

In response the rescue is taking extra precautions.

“It’s costing us to have security here 24/seven at night, we have to go to the expense of putting floodlights outside we just enhanced our camera system,” she said.

Now the nonprofit is asking for donations. The money will go towards replacing the trailer and security upgrades so make a difference can continue giving their rescues a second chance.

“Everything adds up,” she said. “And unfortunately it’s a necessity if we’re going to stay here in Detroit to help our dogs.”

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