Trailer Theft Happens in Moments

Thieves simply cut through a gate, hooked up the trailer, and left

Regional Municipality of Halton police say a trailer loaded with bathroom components was stolen on the evening of March 24, 2021 from a commercial parking lot in Oakville, Ontario.

According to the police, at some point during the overnight hours between Thursday, March 24 and Friday, March 25 someone approached a business on Bristol Circle and cut a lock off a gate to the fenced parking lot.

The intruder reportedly entered, hooked up a white, year 2000 model trailer to a vehicle and drove off the lot.

Police said the trailer was loaded with merchandise for a bathroom components business.

The value of the stolen property has not been disclosed.

The theft was not discovered until shortly before 9 a.m. on March 25.

No suspect description is available.

Theft can happen this quickly, and considering the time of the robbery to the time of theft discovery, the culprits have a long headstart to getaway.

There are many low-cost solutions to prevent theft such as this,  including trailer wheel locks, trailer wheel boots, coupler locks, and other immobilizing devices that make such a brazen, quick act almost impossible to execute.