Tractor Trailer Loaded with Audis, Porsche Carrera stolen

Truck with luxury cars stolen

The Guelph Police Service is investigating after a truck loaded with luxury vehicles was stolen from a north-end property.

On Monday morning the complainant called police to report the theft of a tractor trailer, which had been parked in the area of Arrow Road and Fair Road. The trailer was carrying two Audis, a Porsche Carrera, a Lincoln MKX and a Toyota.

Surveillance video showed the truck being started and driving out of the parking lot just before 2 a.m. Monday. The truck was tracked via GPS to a location in the Caledon area, where the transport truck and Lincoln were recovered. The other stolen vehicles are still missing.

The Audis, Porsche Carrera, a Lincoln MKX and Toyota would have still likely been in proper hands had the shipper considered adding an immobilizer to the wheel of the trailer or tractor unit.

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