Why some car-theft victims feel like they have been victimized twice

Erin dos Santos suffered twice: when her 1997 Honda Civic was stolen;  and when she received the recovery, towing and storage bill for her car. The Riverside, California resident was charged $245 for the tow and $100 in storage.

Santos – and the thousands of other Californians who have their vehicles stolen each year – could have avoided the inconvenience and cost with the purchase of a California Immobilizer wheel lock.

California Immobilizer car wheel locks offer a convenient and practical car anti theft security solution. While similar to Immobilizer car wheel boots, they are much lighter and easier to transport, store and activate.

California Immobilizer car wheel locks fit all vehicle tire dimensions.

California Immobilizer Protector car wheel locks are a light weight, convenient personal anti-theft wheel lock that fits all sizes of car wheel. They tuck easily in your car trunk or under a seat for convenient access and offer super-quick installation in seconds.

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