Utility Trailer Theft Could Have Been Easily Prevented

Another trailer theft that could have been prevented

The Kettering Police Department, located in Kettering which is just south of Dayton, Ohio, is asking for help identifying the owner of car suspected to be involved in a utility trailer theft.

According to a Jan. 23, 2022, news release, a Chevrolet Silverado backed up to and hitched up a utility trailer and simply drove away.

The trailer, shown in photos released by police, was towed away by a 2019 Silverado Homesteader.

It is suspected the theft took only a couple of moments to execute.

This theft could have been easily prevented through the use of a number of California Immobilizer trailer security devices, including a trailer coupler lock or a trailer wheel lock:

California Immobilizer universal-style trailer coupler locks, bulldog type lock and surge coupler lock offer wrap-around steel construction making them extremely difficult to remove without the proper key. Unlike other universal trailer coupler locks, these are hand-made in our shop one piece at a time with careful attention to welds and construction.

California Immobilizer trailer wheel locks are an inexpensive means of deterring and preventing trailer theft. Our patented trailer wheel locks are quick and easy to install on the wheel of your trailer preventing thieves from quickly hooking up to the hitch and towing the trailer away.